Saturday, December 31, 2011

Farewell 2K11

A big send off to what was a massive year full of high highs and a couple of lows thrown in, based on this link which was posted on the 12wbt forum, courtesy of

What did you embrace in 2011?
Home:    The build & subsequent move;
Relationships:   Renewed closeness with my Mum & Daughter. New friends.  The man.
Self:  Recognition of the need to change.

What did you let go of in 2011?
Work:  It's no longer my hobby, it's just a job and not worthy of such an investment of myself.
Self:   Negativity.  I thought happy thoughts and in turn, became happy.

Identify 3 highlights of 2011.
Loz picking up a lucrative contract off the back of unemployment.
Watching the build progress & making it home.
Finishing the year 10kg lighter.

Identify 3 lessons of 2011.
Have faith in the universe that we'll always receive what we need when we need it.
If I don't look after my body it WILL fail me.
Happiness compounds.

What did you discover about yourself in 2011?
That I form really good relationships, genuine relationships, by being me... it's okay to let the real me out of her shell.

What were you most grateful for in 2011?
Selling the old house for just short of our reserve in a terribly depressed market.  AND Loz's contract of course!

Describe 2011 in 3 words.

Friday, December 30, 2011


Went shopping with my gorgeous Mum today.  Clothes shopping.  I don't like buying clothes.  Usually just pick them off the rack, take them home untried and wear them with zero confidence.

This shopping trip was more out of necessity than anything else...BUT...that feeling of pulling on a smaller size than you've worn for years, zipping them straight up, and STILL having a little room (and no muffin top) is indescribable.  Let's just say there were tears. Mum too.  AND the Store Manager!

I could have gone crazy and bought everything I fitted into, but common sense kicked in at some point and I just purchased a few key items to get me through until the next drop in size.

So here's something I haven't seen in my wardrobe for at least 10 years...

Clothes shopping - I apologise for disrespecting you all these years.  You're actually not too bad :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nothing tastes as good... skinny feels.

Not that I would describe myself as "skinny" by any stretch, but ALL of my clothes are in danger of falling to my ankles. After 11kg. I can't wait to see what kind if results 12wbt brings me!

As I have nothing to wear other than exercise clothes, it's off for a spot of shopping tomorrow. Nervous. I haven't tried clothes on for years.

Please, please, please let me come home with arms laden tomorrow :)

week 8

Current Weight: 86.3kg
Last week:      87.1kg
Week's loss:          -0.8kg *
So far:         -10.7kg

*Yep, Christmas Day was in this lot too, so ANY loss is a bonus.

I would have loved to have clocked in at 85kg by New Year's Day.  1.3kg in 4 days?  Best get OFF this computer and burn some calories :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

20 days...

...until Pre-season starts.

As long as I keep up my new habits;

  • 1200 calories/day
  • 10,000+ steps/day
  • no after dinner snackage
  • once a day sweat session

then I should be in good better shape for kick-off.  I'm choosing not to pre-empt the program - not to over-think.  Just relax, eat well, move more and replenish in preparation for the year ahead.

Scales: 86.5kg.  We're on the move again :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Reality check

This post was brought about by a trip to Rebel Sport - boxing day sales.  I was after a couple of t-shirts as pretty much everything I have is starting to hang off me.  Being the eternal optimist (?) I picked up 2, a Large and a 14.  Course I couldn't even get them over my boosies.

Come on girl!  Who are you kidding?  You may have lost 10kg, but that just makes you a loose 18 or a comfy 16...not a friggin 14 FFS.

I'm not even half way to my goal yet, and although I'm looking better than I did, I don't yet classify myself as looking GOOD.

Every second person on the 12wbt forum seems to be obsessed with Lorna Jane clothing, so I checked out the sizing on their website...

Size 16 = B103, W85, H113
Size 14 = B98,  W80, H108
Size 12 = B93,  W75, H103

And where am I?
B106, W90, H115  Thighs: L65cm  R64cm

That means, to get to my goal of wearing a size 12, I have to shed 13cm from my bust, 15cm from my waist & 12cm from my hips.

And THAT right there is one hell of a reality check!

Scales: 87.4kg  that's +400g.  Thanks Christmas!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Frustrated x 2

OMG... I AM SO FRUSTRATED...even a little annoyed.  No movement on the scales AGAIN this morning.  STILL 87kg.

Knowing today would be a dietary challenge,we started the day with a pretty quick 5km walk.  Was relatively happy with our my food choices, except for a glass of champers that I was guilted into, and then, once 'broken' I went for dinner seconds, then plum pudding. Gaaahhhhhhh!!!

I dread to think how much damage I've done today, but I did learn a few things...

Mum is a champ.  She's fully on my team. A bit of tough love, but she'll be invaluable in helping me change my life.

Alcohol.  It's just not that good.  And to the person that juuuuust kept on going and going at me to have one, No, it's not okay to just have one.  I don't want it so just go drink on your own!

People are pretty accepting when you verbalise what you're doing.

Christmas lunch CAN be healthy, AND, no-one minds changing their eating slightly to support you.  Hello loads and loads of veg.

My family are pretty special (but I already knew that!)

Saturday, December 24, 2011


I'm a little frustrated today. I'm moving more, eating less, but the scales... What's their problem?? The 200g I collected yesterday has packed an overnight bag. Still 87kg. I expected to rip through the kilos now down to my next mini-goal of 85 - before the end of the year - which is now NOT going to happen.

I still feel good, but keeping my head in the game is going to be my main challenge.

Goals: tick, tick. And they both involved a decent amount of will power to get through today!

Friday, December 23, 2011


Sooooo tired today. Loads of exercise yesterday, not enough food, late night, early morning = bad, bad combo.

I've only managed a half hour walk today and the shoes are off!

Im thinking that on days I exercise early, I should swap lunch and dinner over so I've got more energy earlier in th day.

Goals: sure, I sweated, but it was probably coz it was hot out. Does that count? I'll have an early night and that'll keep me nibble free as well.

Scales: gaahhhh. +.2 which is somewhere between surprising and devastating after the effort i put in yesterday.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

My new bestie

The scales are SO my friend right now. Another 300g since yesterday (86.8) which is bloody brilliant!

So to celebrate, I worked extra hard this morning...
A pacey 1hr walk (8,000 steps), off to rehab then straight to gym.

Last Monday I swam 300m in 45 minutes (with loads of rest breaks). Today I got through 400m in 30 minutes, still felt good, so went and did a full hydro program in the yummy warm water.

Bit tired and struggling to lift my arms, but it's a good, positive type of tired.

Mini goals: big tick yesterday, but was naughty after dinner tonight. Like 10 cool mints naughty, not entire pack! Why? No snacks during the day = under 900 calories for the day. Let's not do that again, hu?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Yesterday I signed up & committed to Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation (12wbt) and our first pre- pre-season task was to set a small goal between now and the start of actual pre-season.

I've settled on two, and they're both habitual. One outgoing and one incoming:

Out with;
After dinner snacks!
:: finish dinner...brush teeth...done.

In comes;
Once a day sweat
:: for at least 30 minutes. Twice would be better :)