Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tuesday: Half minus 5

This taper thing makes you go a little a lot cuckoo.

Is it excitement?  Nerves?  Panic?  Or a bizzarre paranoia reserved for runners less than one week out from a big event?
This is my morning so far...

7:10am                 There’s a lot of people sneezing on this train today.
                                Is it hayfever or cold and flu?
                                OMG if they have colds…and they’re sneezing…I could get sick
                                Oh look, there’s a runner.
                                She looks fit.
                                Wonder if she’s running on Sunday.
                                Do I look that strong when I run?
                                I’m hungry

7:11am                 Definitely colds.
                                Will go to the chemist before work and get some olive leaf extract or something.
                                Could really go a choc chip muffin right now.
10:10am               Could really go a choc chip muffin right now.

10:15am               “Large skinny cap thanks”
                                And a muffin?
                                Oh look at that choc chip one.
                                Quick, ask for a freaking muffin
                                You don’t need a muffin
                                They make your ass wobble
                                No muffins this week
                                “and a choc chip muffin thanks”
10:20am              "D'oh!"                              “Does anyone want my muffin?”

Monday, October 6, 2014

I'll have what he's having...

A few weeks ago I posted about THE MAN and his resolve to sample the 5:2 diet.

At around the same time, he saw an exercise / muscular-skeletal therapist who gave him a stack of exercises to strengthen his areas of weakness and increase flexibility.  As very seldom happens with anyone who receives a plan, he has stuck to it.  With incredible results.  And combined with the 5:2 fast diet, I'm pretty amazed at the changes.

Three weeks in and he's dropped around 2 kilos from the one place that weight goes on - his middle.

And combined with the stretches, he has abs.  Visible abs.

So what's a girl to do but join in?

My first fast day was Saturday.  I had a good breakfast post-parkrun.  An omelette with mushrooms, tomato and spinach.  Plus a coffee of course.

I didn't feel like eating again until around 2pm, but I diverted the pangs with more water.  And then even more water.  By 4 O'Clock, it was getting harder to distract myself, so I hit the floor for 15 minutes of core work.  It's impossible to feel hungry when you're working your core.  Water.  Water again.  And before I knew it, 6pm had come around and it was legitimately time for dinner.  It was almost a shame to break the fast.

We went easy for dinner.  Steamed flathead tails with salad.  Light and delish.  It was enough.

At bed time I was a little shocked to discover a 1.5kg loss for the day.  I was also shocked at how self-satisfied I felt at conquering the hunger pains and remaining in control.  Like a test that I had passed or something.

Will I do it again?  Absolutely.  But it'll have to wait now until next week.  I've got a half marathon to run on the weekend ;)