Saturday, December 28, 2013

Where did 2013 go?

*gasp*  my last post was a whole year ago.  On leave.  Planning on a blog makeover.  Didn't happen.  And here we are.

Big year, 2013.  HUGE year.

We got married.  Spent a month in Italy.  Became Grandparents.  Changed jobs.  Ran a National Championship. Emcee'd a function. Discovered Parkrun.  Ran 10km in under 60 minutes.

H.U.G.E. year.  Comfort zones challenged on a daily basis.

The all important question... am I still lean?

*nods head proudly*

Somewhere between becoming Mrs and now I've added 3kg.  It's been up to 5 at some points, but a few weeks of flexing the say-no-to-chocolate muscle, by-passing the chicken flavoured chips and going all salad and tuna for lunch sees me back to around the 68kg mark.

I seriously LoVe how lean feels.  The look is important, but the feel - that's what keeps me on track.  And for me, that feeling equates to confidence.  A kind of self-pride that comes from keeping the exercise up, even on days that I seriously can't be bothered, and from maintaining control over my nutrition.

Daily weigh-ins remain a morning ritual. Monday is still salmon stir-fry night too.  In fact, our food is such a routine that we can do the weekly shop in around 15 minutes now.  Winning!

So all in all, life is great.  Love, health, friendships - does it get any better?