Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter in Sydney

What an absolutely magical few days we had visiting Sydney.  We've both been up there for work, but never together, and to have the time to really check the city out as a tourist was brilliant.

There was plenty of good food;

Spectacular views;

Some conquering of fears;

And some very unexpected, but delightfully delightful news that is making me smile, smile, smile;

Brilliant way to spend an Easter :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Week 9 weigh in (my week 23)

Current Weight: 74.2kg
Last week:      74.9kg
Week's loss:          -0.7kg 
So far:          -22.8kg    

For the life of me, I DO NOT KNOW how I managed to lose weight this week.  The man whisked me up to Sydney for Easter, which meant relying on meals that I hadn't prepared.  Mostly I made good choices; lean protein and salad or veg, except for our last night - chicken parma - ummm ahhhhh.  And NO scales to check my daily weight.  And as for exercise, well sure we walked for several hours each day, but there was no intensity about it.

You can imagine my excitement / relief when this week's weigh in showed a 700g loss.

I'm not expecting a repeat performance.  The routine is out the window - no meal plan, no lunches pre-prepared.  Aaarrrggghhhhh...I don't like this out of control feeling.  Back to a good orderly plan next week :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Week 8 weigh in (my week 22)

Current Weight: 74.9kg
Last week:      74.7kg
Week's loss:          +0.2kg 
So far:          -22.1kg   

OOOOOOpsies.  The "reaching goal weight" party was a little out of control.  I learnt something this week... if I go back to even SOME of my old eating habits, I'll put on weight.  I know...amazing!

I knew it was coming, so Tuesday and Wednesday I ate clean again, got off my desk chair and did some exercise.  And amazingly, I lost 500g overnight.

Anyway - must dash.  HUGE weekend planned.

Take care and stay away from the chocolate.