A little about me

This is what I wrote by way of introduction to the 12WBT world when I started Round 1in February 2012.

"I'm 43 and live in a gorgeous new home with the love of my life and our two furkids.  By day I'm CEO of a not-for-profit, and by night I (was) a complete an utter couch potato.

The catalyst for me to have a serious look at my lifestyle was a quick onset back injury resulting in emergency surgery.  My surgeon's words left such a strong impression "if you want to live a normal life you HAVE to get this weight off" as she gestured towards her own stomach and hips. Wake up call, or what?

That was in the first week of November and since then I've read ALL of Michelle's books and have shed (at the time of writing) 10.2kg, walk for a minimum of 1 hour each day and have just begun swimming too.

What I'm planning to get from the program is the mental shift from this being a short term, rehabilitation phase into a completely new set of habits for life.

I'll keep my mind and heart open - this journey could take me anywhere!"

My life has changed so completely since I wrote these words of introduction that I'm a little shocked to re-read them.

I have now lost 25kg.  That number amazes even me.  I've gone from a skin tight size 18 to a very comfortable size 12.

I now run.  I'm not great at it, but recently I ran my first continuous 5km in 32 minutes, and I can sprint on the treadmill like one of those fit chicks I used to aspire to be.

There's NO takeaway in our diet.  I plan a menu every week, shop healthy, cook clean nutritious food every single night.

In round 1 I met every one of my goals;
I swam 2km,
Walked 10km
Ran 5km
Rode 15km
Did 20 toe pushups
Held a wall sit for 5minutes
Weighed in at less than 77kg.

I'm calm.  I'm centered.  I'm confident.  I love who I am and I'm proud of my achievements.

I'm getting married to my best friend and greatest supporter next year.

I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

I'm happy.

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